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The regulations may, if the needs of the Department of Defense require it and it is otherwise authorized by law, authorize supplies to be sold to, or services to be rendered or work performed for, persons outside the Department of Defense.

However, supplies available in inventories financed by working capital funds established under this section may be sold to contractors for use in performing contracts with the Department of Defense. 112–81, § 2802(c)(1)(A), substituted “section 2805(c)” for “section 2805(c)(1)”.

Subject to the authority and direction of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of each military department shall allocate responsibility for its functions, powers, and duties to accomplish the most economical and efficient organization and operation of the activities, and the most economical and efficient use of the inventories, for which working-capital funds are authorized by this section.

The requisitioning agency may not incur a cost for supplies drawn from inventories, or services or work performed by industrial-type or commercial-type activities for which working-capital funds may be established under this section, that is more than the amount of appropriations or other funds available for those purposes.

Working-capital funds shall be reimbursed for supplies so sold, services so rendered, or work so performed by charges to applicable appropriations or payments received in cash.


The Secretary of Defense may provide capital for working-capital funds by capitalizing inventories.

In addition, such amounts may be appropriated for the purpose of providing capital for working-capital funds as have been specifically authorized by law.



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