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Zone P includes the metro, trams, Prague public transport buses (lines No‘s 100 – 299 and 501 – 599), the Petřín funicular, ferries and selected railway line sections.

Zone 0 includes buses from the periphery areas (lines No‘s 300 – 399 and 601 – 620) running through the Prague area, and selected railway line sections.

The tariffs for the Prague city area are divided into Zones P and 0 (in total, there are 4 tariff zones for the Prague area).

Zone P has a doubled tariff value and Zone 0 is divided into Zones 0 and B – the border stops zone.

* An adult passenger who is a holder of a valid pre-paid time ticket may be accompanied by 1 child up to the age of 15 (from 10 years obligation to prove the child‘s age) on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays free of charge (excl. Passes – fixed-period tickets may be purchased without providing personal data, i.e.

they are transferable, and offer a passenger-selected validity starting date in the year.

ISIC cards as a PIT card or certificate of study are accepted in the PIT system always for the duration of the school/academic year for which they were issued or renewed by a prolongation mark and their validity can be verified electronically in the database of ISIC card holders operated by GTS ALIVE, s.r.o.


The maximum length of the validity of the ticket is 300 min.

The 24-hour fare for a dog not in a carrier within Prague city limits is 0 CZK (not applicable to PIT trains, nor to the AE bus line).



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