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You may have heard of online dating and how it can benefit you if you're single, widowed or just someone looking for friends, a relationship or romance.

As you may know, online dating websites is one of the fastest growing services offered in the Internet today.

Note: Members are only allowed one free site within their Passions Network account.


Many people who are not so lucky in dating or finding romance can now experience having a meaningful relationship with someone.By joining online dating, you can now find that special someone you have been looking for all these years.



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    They met at the set of Gaga's song "You And I" as Kinney was the playing the role of the man Gaga was after.

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    As a free military dating site we are 100% ad supported. As a network with other dating communities our large membership base increases your chance of meeting some.

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    Faking interest in a nearby jukebox, I remained glued to the floor, my pride scattered in pieces around my feet. The idea that approaching a man should be equated to sexual promiscuity makes my gag reflex quiver.

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    From Minka Kelly to Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Mayer's love life has long made the headlines.

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    There are thousands of active singles on Date looking to chat right now.

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    Behold, ten reasons why marrying a geek was the best decision I ever made—and why you should too: 1. Let’s get the most obvious feature of coupling up with a computer wiz out of the way —- you never have to feel outsmarted by a tech gadget ever again. Geeks are very passionate about stuff — lots of it. They spend hours thinking up alternate universes with detailed character names and descriptions for role playing games, and some of them even design and build original video games and computer programs. Speaking of gifts and holidays — your man will never forget them! It’s no surprise that most geeks have impressive career goals and positive job outlooks. They are loyal to their chosen geekdom, and most importantly — loyal to you.

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