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Recruitment Agencies are highly competitive and stressful work environments, and unsurprisingly the reason for ridiculously high staff turnover.

The Recruitment industry in Australia problem stems from English based recruitment firms setting up business and bringing their people here to conduct business as they do in the UK.

Here in Australia, we call a spade a spade and we want quality and truthful service.

Although, it is a successful model for being profitable, recruitment agents not only have a poor reputation in the UK, but have a worse one here in Australia.

The only difference is, is that the Brits are more tolerable to being blatantly lied too and crap service.

And for the right (sometimes small) price, some of them will sleep with clients and candidates just to close that deal.

I have been in the recruitment game for over 10 years and I have made a successful career from behaving in the opposite manner to my peers and competition.

As long as you have the gift of the gab and effectively able to manipulate people, then you are perfect for the recruitment agency industry.

Oh, I might add, you’ve got to be attractive and very flirtatious, after all recruitment companies believe what you lack in industry knowledge and skills can be compensated by nice perky breasts, gorgeous hair and make up and sharp corporate attire…. My first manager at major Recruitment Agency once said to me “sex sells” when I was starting out.

In fact, I believe 90% of the industry is marred by incompetent, unethical, smooth talking, aggressive, greedy “salespeople”.

That’s effectively what they are “salespeople” and they are not interested as you the “candidate” or “client”, rather the commission and KPI targets they need to achieve in order to keep their job. It is the way they are trained and educated by the management of these agencies.


One prominent recruitment entrepreneur and woman business leader (who shall remain unnamed), encourages her “girls” to put on a bit of lippy, don the stilettos and raise that skirt up (the closer to the crotch the better).

Modern society would label these young ladies as “business women,” I affectionately refer to them as “corporate whores”.



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