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This anti-virus has been certified to be effective at detecting 100% of in-the-wild viruses.

AVG Free's protection is Above Industry Average! A big advantage of the program is low system resource requirements and high speed of operations.

Some free antivirus solutions lack important features, like email or web protection, or impact system performance badly - AVG has you covered), but to really put your FREE protection solution over the top, supplement AVG Free with Malwarebytes Free Version, below, and use Malwarebytes for Monthly manual scans, and occasional manual scans, if you should ever suspect a malware problem on your system.

The Combo of AVG FREE, and Malwarebytes FREE should have one covered for pretty much anything!

Safe Zone gives you an isolated desktop, for even more sensitive operations.



Script Shield detects malicious scripts run by web pages, preventing them from hijacking and damaging your computer.

Virtualization technology to increase your protection. Any application can be run in the virtual (Sandbox) environment, to prevent it from reaching your PC.



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