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Now there is an RSS feed for this page - Course Renaissance Lute 2014 by Kenneth Wryn, based on Hieber Like New condition Fitted Kenneth Wryn deluxe custom hard case included String length 590mm, width at nut 69mm, neck thickness at nut ~21mm, neck/body joint 25mm 17 Rosewood ribs 40+ years aged with African Blackwood spacers Spruce soundboard from Bob Lundberg ~1990 – 1992 African Blackwood fingerboard/neck veneer/peg box French Polish bowl and peg box, oil on neck Strung with Pyramid rectified nylon – silk/brass overspun Extra unopened set of Pyramid strings – silver LOXX strap locks – can accommodate wooden buttons 00 plus shipping Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA Contact: +1 3 – [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture November 6 2016 14c Theorbo made by Ivano Conti, Les Bayards, Switzerland, 1983. dl=0 November 2 2016 1830s Lacote guitar built by me--Sterling Price-- in the workshop of Michael Thames, who signed underneath the soundboard. There are engraved ivory panels (made from ivory piano keys). String Length: 58.5//86 The instrument has very good sound, projection and sounds very loud though is very small and easy to carry up (Moreover It has a red Riboni soft case). I am selling this instrument as I will focus my limited time on baroque lute. It carries the warmer Spanish sound alongside the bright long distance projection of the French style. In excellent condition (both the case and the instrument). v=N2l Elx Iit54 Price (instrument + good hard case): 3300 dollars (not include shipping) Located in Israel. The lute needs new strings and it has a home made strong case but would need a more sucure one if traveling. This is a fantastic instrument with a warm sound which I have often played in concerts.

Definitely an instrument suitable for a busy and varied concert schedule. New frets, playable in A 415 or 440 with the strings coming with it. The back is constructed of 15 alternating ribs of zircote and holly. Rosewood tuning pegs and strung in Savarez carbon nylon and Pyramid silver overwound strings and tuned in G (440). price: 00 Email: [email protected] in Salt Lake City, Utah picture picture picture picture November 1 2016 13-course lute by Jacob van de Geest 1974 for sale . Comes with a MTM Kingham case Price: 5500,- EUR For more details please contact: Ulrik Gaston Larsen [email protected] lute is currently in Lyon, France picture picture picture picture September 20 2015, price updated September 17 2016 6 course Vihuela da mano by Lourdes Uncilla Vilela (2006) extremely light and quick, with good projection and very comfortable to play. Maple back and sides, spruce top and ebony fingerboard Wonderful mother of pearl inlays on the front and back and comes with a Manzano made to mesure hard case. Price (with case): 3500 EUR The instrument is currently in Lyon For more info and pictures please contact Ulrik Gaston Larsen : [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture September 17 2016 A 13c Baroque lute by Nico van der Waals; 2009 after Joh. Price including a hard case: 4000 EUR Contact: avitalreshef(at)picture picture picture picture September 15 2016 Theorbo by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2016 76 / 151cm https:// picture picture picture picture September 13 2016 14c Theorbo 79/141cm made by Pascal Goldschmidt in S. Definitely an instrument suitable for a busy and varied concert schedule. My idea was to increase the soundboard area a bit over the typical Venere lute design.If you want me to post your instrument please read this If this service has made you happy, please consider making a donation to my lute string fund! 60 cm string length Very fine instrument and nicely sounding. v=jj3_n Ti UKEU Link to Photos https://goo.gl/photos/BTEnns Ff Lpg HYMgc6 Lute is now in France (Poitiers-Niort) Contact : Valéry Sauvage [email protected] 25 2016 14c Archlute for Sale by jaume Bosser 2005 (Barcelona) Placed in Basel, Switzerland. Located in Montreal, Canada Price: 3000 dollars Contact: [email protected](1(514) 778-8182) October 18 2016 Romantic guitar after “Panormo Fecit” 1828 model made by the luthier Scot Tremblay in 2014. It was made after a peculiar historic fan braced “Panormo Fecit” model, just like the larger “in the Spanish style” model. I am only selling it since another lute is coming in. picture picture picture picture picture Septamber 24 2016 Seven course lute, 60cm string length.Wayne You be contacted by fradulent would be buyers! Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping! Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar. If interested, please send me an email: [email protected] can be downloaded here : https:// Fi D_47FHd_Mba? There is a scratch on the soundboard and part of the ebony binding has a gap. More photos and information: [email protected], tel. +358 40 53 95 219 (Finland) picture November 1 2016 Early Romantic guitar by Francois Roudhloff ca. 650mm string length 45mm nut width Needs no work; completely ready for concerts and easy to play. Maple belly, Spruce back (12 Ribs) and ebony fingerboard. Please contact [email protected] 22 2016 10-course lute Built in 1997 by Claude Guibord. So it is a very unique combination between the two models. The lute was made by an English maker living in Adelaide. It is at a concert standard and would suit any professional player. I am posting this as a service, and I can not make any recommendations, as I have never seen these instruments nor met the sellers.

They are listed with the most recent contributions on the top.tab=album&album_id=1285830578117937 in perfect condition, please feel free to ask about more information. With so much soundboard, the top string rings like a bell and the bottom is rich and full.



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