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And, the Kindle tablet I’m talking about here is not that.This is not the ancestral unadulterated Android operating system.And, let me say, that in my opinion, your phone and your main tablet (if you have an Android tablet) should be plain vanilla Android, and not some storage-killing absurdly designed version of the Android operating system like this one.One of the main reasons to give serious thought to getting one of these is the fact that it will put you back a mere fifty bucks. You may want a nice full blown Android tablet, or if you prefer, an i Pad.That will cost you several hundred dollars, and may be worth it. This Kindle tablet has a processor that is slower than the faster processors, has a screen resolution about 20% lower than good quality typical tablets, and moderate but not overwhelming graphics capability.This is a review of the Kindle Fire with 7″ Display and Special Offers by Amazon.In short, this is a tablet/e Reader that a lot of people will want, as long as certain needs are extant and certain expectations understood. It would take very little convincing for me to get a second one.If I had some masochistic need to read books in a tiny tiny font, I’d want a super high resolution display, but that is not me.



If you are going to rely on a tablet, use it all the time for all the things one might use a tablet for, get a Google Pixel C or, if you don’t have 0 bucks, the also awesome Google Nexus 9.Don’t get the Kindle Fire with 7″ Display and Special Offers to be THE tablet in your life.



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