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You could see how passionate I was with that guy, screaming at him.It's all partly because that show came into our life at the right time.Smiciklas thought he was on the brink of losing the company he'd spent over a decade building, yet, amazingly, he still agreed to appear on the show."The show has been a complete blessing for us," says Smiciklas.They want me to make mistakes, but everything was coming too easy for me.[Laughs] What was your favourite part of the whole experience?

Now when you come into this office it's just full of energy.

Smiciklas had just caught one of his trusted longtime employees stealing from the company, and Revenue Canada was combing through the head office performing a thorough audit.

"It just gives you a clear snapshot of what really is going on in the stores."Smiciklas wound up going undercover as "Angelo," a rough-around-the-edges guy from Chicago inspired by one of his real-life friends.

There were a lot of circumstances that led me to that.

They put a mold in there to make them all sharp and pointy.

You didn't seem as much of a fish out of water as some of the other bosses we've seen on the show...



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