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The wind appeared to be even more over Kate’s growing doily dress collection than the rest of us because it attempted to physically rip the dress off her body.


Kate wore a white dress by Self-Portrait, deep red Gianvito Rossi court shoes, a Mulberry Clutch and a poppy pin.Basically, Kate looked like she stood in front of a mirror, said “Bloody Mary” three times and then stole summoned ghost bitch’s look.Reportedly Kate asked Bob’s human if the feline film star was purring or growling.To Bob’s credit, he resisted shredding the doily dress but he’ll have to work on throwing a proper diva tantrum if he hopes to make it in Hollywood.

According to one weather source, November weather happens every November in London. Bob flicked his tail back and forth while Kate stroked the top of his head.

As anyone who speaks cat knows, that’s a feline warning sign that kitty is not in his happy place, cease and desist all activity or it’s about to go down.



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    Most importantly, they are taught to “hold their pretty heads high, have self confidence and be proud of themselves.” Deanny Coates Hardy began her formal dance education under her mother, Lola Mae Coates, at age 2.

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    Amanda Crew is the lucky lady who scored the coveted role of Zac Efron's love interest in Charlie St. PS: Charlie makes some pretty big sacrifices for Tess in the movie.

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    Gullo reminisces with a smile, "Back then times were different.

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    Please report abusive and suspicious content/activity within the Text Chat server.

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