Calmodulin (Ca M)-dependent myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) plays a key role in activation of smooth muscle contraction.A soybean isoform of Ca M, SCa M-4 (77% identical to human Ca M) fails to activate MLCK, wheras SCa M-1 (90.5% identical to human Ca M) is as effective as Ca M.

As a contributor to the Huffington Post, he has written various articles related to the Internet, copyright, and pop culture, including: “On Being Justin Bieber in the Age of You Tube,” “Copyright and Remixing Kanye Tweets and New Yorker Cartoons,” “Is Facebook a Friend or Bully?

” “Why Malcolm Gladwell Should Apologize to Social Media,” “Did UCLA and NYT Overreact to Student’s ‘Asians in the Library’ Video? Holder: Supreme Court to Review Copyrighting Works in the Public Domain,” and “Can Copyright or You Tube Save Cindy Lee Garcia from ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Video Fallout?

” As a law professor, he has written extensively about free speech and copyright law, and the history of the freedom of the press.

His article “Freedom of the Press 2.0,” was selected as one of the best First Amendment articles of 2008 for inclusion in THE FIRST AMENDMENT LAW HANDBOOK for 2008­-2009 and as one of the year’s best articles related to intellectual property for inclusion in INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY REVIEW for 2008-2009.

He co-authored INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: PROBLEMS, CASES, AND MATERIALS (West Group 2d ed. Previously, he worked with Lawrence Lessig at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, including on Eldred v. Holder, two of the most significant cases involving the First Amendment and copyright law.The cases, along with Lessig’s pathbreaking work, raised public consciousness about expansive copyright laws.



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