50 cent dating hilton paris

Chelsea has previously tried to campaign against Instagram's guidelines with this post writing: 'Taking this down is sexist.NEW YORK — 50 Cent is working as if he were broke and partying like a billionaire.And while, for the record, he didn't dis Paris Hilton at her own birthday party, as far as some of his peers go, the G-Unit general isn't being as generous."There's no way they gonna survive me," 50 said Monday (February 4) at his G-Unit offices.You see when I do G-Unit sneakers, I don't wear anything but G-Unit sneakers.When I do G-Unit clothes, I don't wear anything but G-Unit clothes. Trust me, I've had opportunities to do business ventures that I have turned down. "I gotta be able to come up with something contextually that's bigger and better as far as distributing the mixtape for marketing and promotional purposes," he said. The traditional way of releasing a mixtape has been great. But to reinvent it and to get [the fans' mouths] wet by [having] them downloading it, is Web news. In Germany, Kosovo, based on our last tour, they became members of the social network, so they had the opportunity or option to download it immediately. It gives me the world instead of just America." While Body Snatchers is a prelude of what's to come on such future releases as 50's solo LP [article id="1546818"]Before I Self Destruct[/article] and the G-Unit family album [article id="1579457"]Lock and Load,[/article] it also has a throwback feel to the very first G-Unit mixtapes, because it only features the first three Unit members: Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and 50.He said: 'There was a lot of pressures of marriage.There was a lot of arguing and stuff like that just weighed on our relationship over time.

50 is back in New York after taking care of a full palette of activities outside the city: He was at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah a couple of weeks ago and at [article id="1580877"]Super Bowl[/article] festivities — he was betting on his hometown team, who wound up becoming the champs — over the weekend in Arizona.

On Monday, he and G-Unit released their mixtape Return of the Body Snatchers Vol. (There's no way you could have missed him wearing his "This Is50" T-shirts.) The Web site acts as part blog and part social-networking outlet, where you'll find all things 50 and G-Unit, as well as news and music concerning other artists.



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