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(See related pages: Criminal Justice, Judicial / Court / Specialized Courts / Court Watch, Prosecution, Law Enforcement, Restorative Justice, Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit, Incarcerated Women / Female Offenders and Court Cases.) 10 MYTHS ABOUT CUSTODY AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND HOW TO COUNTER THEM, ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence, Washington, DC. ABA 10 PRINCIPLES OF A PUBLIC DEFENSE DELIVERY SYSTEM, ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendant, Chicago, IL: February 2002. ACCESS TO JUSTICE: CIVIL LEGAL ADVOCACY, , Washington, DC. BIDEN WANTS LEGAL BRIGADE FOR DOMESTIC SAFETY, Allison Stevens, , New York, NY: January 11, 2007. BILL ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PINS A LEGAL LABEL ON ABUSERS; LD 1627 TAKES A RANGE OF CRIMES AND RIGHTLY DEFINES THEM AS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, , International Justice Project, Woodbridge, VA.ANTI-BULLYING LAWS MAP (interactive), Law Atlas, as of April 21, 2014. BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS TO ENHANCE CONSUMER RIGHTS FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVORS ~ AN ASSESSMENT AND RESOURCE TOOL FOR ATTORNEYS AND ADVOCATES, Center for Survivor Agency and Justice, Chevy Chase, MD, in partnership with National Consumer Law Center, Boston, MA, and National Network to End Domestic Violence and National Association of Consumer Advocates, Washington, DC: April 2012.THE ATTORNEY'S GUIDE TO DEFENDING VETERANS IN CRIMINAL COURT, Brockton D. Else (editors), Veterans Defense Project Project, Minneapolis, MN. BIDEN DISCUSSES PLAN TO TRAIN 100,000 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAWYERS, U. CHILD-VICTIMS: BETTER SERVED BY A TRADITIONAL ATTORNEY OR BY A GUARDIAN AD LITEM?AVOIDING THE UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW ON THE HOTLINE (tip sheet), National Domestic Violence Hotline, in partnership with Womens and Battered Women’s Justice Project, November 2012. , National Crime Victim Law Institute, Portland, OR: April 2011.National Crime Victim Law Institute, Portland, OR: May 2012.Copyright © 2012 National Crime Victim Law Institute.



Copyright © 2011 National Crime Victim Law Institute.

CHILD PROSTITUTION STATUTES, compiled by National District Attorneys Association, Alexandria, VA: updated August 2010.



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