Absolute and relative dating methods in prehistory


The difficulties, that the discoveries of the art of the lower Paleolithic have met and continue to meet in the scientific world, give beyond 150 years, are integrating part of the history of the same discoveries.

The researchers of art of the lower Paleolithic have worked well, and have worked a lot, but they have not been taken in considerations by their colleagues collectors of fossils and industries.

In these baroque theatres the skeletons dance making to feel the continuous tinkling of their boneses, blinking between their hands stone tools, in order to exalt the force of the material culture; while the art, outside from the theatre, listens to these terrifying noises; she is sad, she cries, and hopes in the adoption of teatral programs more interesting to which participating.

The art perfectly knows not to enjoy protections from the high, but also knows of being able to recite new and more interesting roles of the others two illustrious actors ".

The absolute datings Photographies and drawings of sculptures discovered in 150 years Conclusion and hypothesis on the future of the search Bibliography FORWARD " In the theatre of the lower Paleolithic the main actors are three: the industries, that is the ensemble of the types of tools for material uses; the art, that is the ensemble of types of sculptures for spiritual uses, and the fossil rests of hominids, that is the rests of our ancestors.The actors, that always recite in the best theatres of science, are the fossil rests of hominids and industries; who instead never does succeed to recite, or recites only little roles in peripheric theatres is the art, with its mysterious spiritual contents.



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