Access denied updating a driver


Give that a try let us knwo what happens So far, so good.We've been having sporadic issues adding printers to Unidesk machines. Any time a user tries to add a shared printer, they will get the below message: Now we've tried this on machines where the user was a local administrator and we still have the same issue. I've gone through several posts on here trying a few things to get this to work consistently, but so far I haven't had any luck.This error dsicusses trying to access I then logged in as administrator and was able to install the printer. I think it may have to do wiht how the printer is named whether from the directory or the share.



I got the same access denied trying to connect to printer.In the event log i found an error in the application log Pn PDriver Import Error. I then added the printer but when the directory version came up i said "the printer that I want is not listed" Then i used Select Shared Printer by Name and enntered the printer server and share. When i rolled tht alyer out to the desktop i was no longer prompted to install the driver.


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