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This is a vibrant active development with new homes starting construction regularly since opening in 2001.Welcome to Riverwalk Landing, located on Lake Sharpe, in Fort Pierre, South Dakota.We are zoned multi-family throughout Highlands Ridge with lot use defined in our Planned Unit Development.The soils in the Highlands Ridge area are great with a granular material which allows for good drainage.Midwest Development added 20 new lots to Highlands Ridge Development in 2012.The covenants and zoning are consistent with the previous phases.The Event Center at Drifters will accomodate large groups for meetings, banquets and party events.



We don’t think you will find any better soils to build on in the Pierre area and are happy to share our geotechnical report with you.

The picturesque setting for Highlands Ridge Residential Development is within minutes of the Pierre Mall, Super Wal Mart and the Capitol Complex.


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