Activity 8 3 absolute dating of rocks and fossils


Singh • Northern Kentucky University OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIESA. 175Dating of Rocks, Fossils, and Geologic Events CONTRIBUTING AUTHORSJonathan Bushee • Northern Kentucky University John K. Apply principles of relative age dating toanalyze and interpret sequences of events ingeologic cross sections ACTIVITY 8. Use index fossils to determine the relative ages(eras, periods) of rock bodies and infer some of Earth’s history. Learn and be able to apply techniques forabsolute age dating of Earth materials andevents. 1: Sequence of Events in Geologic Cross Sections B.



Be able to construct and interpret a geologiccross section using well data.Aseach new layer of sediment or rock forms today, itcovers the older layers of the geologic record beneathit and becomes the youngest layer of the geologicrecord.


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