Adam young and taylor swift dating


As an artist, does this change have any impact on you? But going back to the music and film idea, I would love someday to be able to write the soundtrack, the score -- orchestral music -- to a movie.

Not necessarily animation, but I listen to a lot of soundtracks as a fan.

I love how she picks a game-plan and just goes for it. I have to wonder, given how huge of a star she's become over the years, how does it feel today to be able to say that she wrote a song about you? To have a song that is indirectly about me on her album, is so cool. It's been a couple years since my last album, and this is the first record that's taken me song long to make because of everybody's different schedules. You've written for a few films before [, which blew my mind. Anything like that, Disney/Pixar, I wanna see what's out there and hopefully find a new home for a new song. That's a great question and it's almost an ironic question, because I feel like looking back I've checked off so many more things than I ever imagined I'd be able to.

We also recorded in different places, but we're going to play the song on the Today show next week. If there was a song that was kicking around on her side or my side and felt like the right move to make, definitely.I love her music and I love the direction she's gone with pop, she's pretty diverse, as well. As much as I know about Taylor, she has the same tendency that I have -- she prefers to write songs about life or write music about specific stuff in order to deal with things. The best way I know how to deal with things is not to talk to people, it's to write a song about it. I feel really proud of it in a way, I hope that the fans feel like I did a great job at keeping what they love about the early stuff and hopefully it catches the ear of somebody new, as well.


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