Adrienne bailon dating

Adrienne was previously engaged to Lenny Santiago, but they split back in September 2015.


“I’m going to delete my tweets because I give life to the living,” Braxton told fans in a message that still remains on her Twitter page.

Tamar’s pretty scathing exposé comes just weeks after Adrienne took to Instagram to post a snap of herself and boyfriend Israel Houghton attending Logan’s birthday party, even referring to Tamar as being “family” in the caption.

is reporting that Tamar is officially confirming that she’s no longer speaking to any of her former co-stars, including Adrienne, Tamera, Loni Love, and Jeannie Mai.

Tamar took to Twitter to get some home truths off her chest on August 7, where she slammed her former co-stars, claiming that the women are using her name for press and even accusing Tamera and Adrienne of only attending her son’s third birthday party to “save their a***s.” , Tamar set the record straight after Tamera told fans during a Periscope question and answer session that things were still good between herself and Braxton following her departure. #Happy Birthday Logan #Familia #Peppa Pig.” But despite Adrienne’s post dispelling the feud rumors at the time, more recently, Loni Love confirmed that there is in fact a of the current status of her relationship with Braxton.

Bailon posted a shot of the ring and the message "You. Oui," while Houghton posted a lengthy message about his new fiancee on his page with a similar shot. Laughed at, and misunderstood." "But I've also seen the shining example of the eagle she is that rises above the cacophony of the noise of ignorants- I'm learning from her example. "I have seen and felt the essence of Gods grace through the life, the kindness and the courage of this woman," he writes.


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