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Edit: Although the below is certainly still true, at the moment I am more looking for chat than anything: casual or non.

I am a roleplayer, interested in helping you play out your unfulfilled fantasies.

I am 5'6" tall, slim, nice ass and a tight pussy. Lol Seriously, if you're reading this you must be at least curious. Till then I'm fit, smart, love laughing and adore women and their wonderous bodies! Would love to chat with women love cyber but not much into RP willing to be your lover or your dom daddy or anything in between, i prefer a little rough dont like vanilla all the looking to chat and have a little a cowgirl looking for a little fun and excitement without drama in her life.

Hit me up on thomazvard.Too lazy to retype my profile from the great babble crash. I drew you this 8===D~ ( o Y o ) Likes: -Sarcasm -whit -confidence -coffee,lots and lots of coffee -rum and coke -music of all kinds. I am 5'8", blonde hair usually in a ponytail thus the name, slender, tight and smooth.


Be part of our adult social network and you can experience various topics, activities and discussions everyday.All chatters are welcome, so come taste the flavor of Adult Chat room, only on 12 Chats.I can be your master or servant, best friend or wor... And I love that moment of pure ecstasy as the prick slips slowly into that all war...Your average girl - I've got blonde hair and green eyes. I love erotic role plays or cyber with like minded girls/ladies because, let's face it, a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. Like everybody else I got wiped when Babble went down so I will build up this profile in time.

I am very open but will not chat with guys unless I initiate it so please stop messag... I feel like I know a little about a lot, but I'm an expert in nothing.I'm generally happy I suppose, other than when witness to the cruelty that seems inherent to mankind. I love staying in shape, doing my fitness and dancing classes.


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