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Another way to pay for an online purchase is by using a "stored-value card," sometimes called a "cash card" or "electronic money." A predetermined cash value is loaded into the microchip of the plastic card or into your electronic "account." As purchases are made, the cash value declines.

The card is either thrown away when the value reaches zero, or a new cash value is loaded in.

Whether the Internet is used for paying bills, buying items through online catalogs or merchants, trading on the stock market, or just browsing or chatting with others online, the Internet provides the opportunity for big business and for big fraud. §7001) (E-Sign Act), has created a process for contacts to be signed and other types of business to be conducted electronically, and for these transactions to be legally binding without having to resort to sending paperwork through the mail.




If you use your credit card to pay for your online transaction, you are covered by the Fair Credit Billing Act.Refer to Credit Cards, Dealing With Errors for further information.


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