Adult dating in petersburg tennessee

In the study, people who rode a rollercoaster were more attracted to strangers they saw after they disembarked than those they met before they did the loopity loop.San Francisco, Calif.: Between the Golden Gate Bridge — easily the country's most romantic span--and the fog-shrouded summer mornings, San Fran sets the mood for finding a mate.The city is also home to the University of Minnesota, one of the biggest college campuses in the country, so chances are the guy jogging by you has a reading list that includes more than the Sunday comics.STATS: 98th out of 101 in ratio of single men to single women, 94th in fitness level, and 93rd in education level San Jose, Calif.: Not only did it have the best ratio of single men to women, but as the hub of Silicon Valley, San Jose is a magnet for men looking to flex their mental muscle.No wonder research shows that women find philanthropic men sexier than their more selfish peers.To gauge a city's giving spirit, we examined IRS data (calculated by on what percentage of people's discretionary income they donate to charity. A well-educated mate will pretty much guarantee that your most important sex organ — your brain —i s always stimulated.And find one you will, what with the city's top-ranking ratio of highly educated (and in shape) singles crowding the cable cars and walking the Wharf.


Men's Health pored through reams of research and stacks of studies to uncover the coordinates for the best places to meet your match. Divorce rates: Research shows what the tabloids have already taught us: If you've been divorced once, odds are good that your second marriage will fail, too. For that reason, we considered statistics on exercise frequency — at the gym and at home — weight-training, and cardio activities (all from Claritas research).

So we assessed the relative intelligence of the various cities by analyzing Census data for the percentage of people with bachelors degrees.

Attraction: Forget the bars, the cafes, and the clubs — research shows that if you want to turn heads, you need to hang out where there are high-adrenaline activities, such as mountain biking or kayaking.

In order to find the latitude and longitude for love, the magazine crunched the numbers for 101 cities, analyzing their ratio of single men to women, percentage of divorced men (never married is more likely to stay married), the physical shape of the suitors (a fit man won't a widow make), the percentage of men who open their wallets wide to charity (they'll give in a relationship, too), the percentage of guys who've graduated from college (you want a brain to go with that brawn), and finally, the availability of chemistry-building activities (sharing in high-adrenaline sports produces a mutual boost in attraction). Census data to determine which cities have the best ratio of single women to single men. To avoid being number two, you want a city where there's an ultra-low percentage of divorced men. Philanthropy: How do you know if a guy is going to give everything he's got to the relationship?


Singles Ratio: Like winning the Mega Millions, finding a mate is a numbers game — though thank god, one with much, much better odds. It's simple logic: The deeper the dating pool, the more likely you'll come up with a catch. By looking at how much he's already giving to things that are close to his heart, namely his favorite charities.

What's more, with over 300 sunny days a year, the city gives guys a built-in incentive to stay in shape and balance work with play (it was tops in fitness level and chemistry-building activities).


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