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Since these sites are discussed elsewhere in this volume, this presentation will focus primarily on the archaeology of the Diamond Bluff site complex.

The objective of this paper is to address two areas that are specific to understanding the archaeology of the Diamond Bluff site complex and the theme of this volume.

Rodell Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center Contents Top The Site Setting Pre-1948 Investigations The 1948 Excavations Post-1948 Investigations Discussion Summary Acknowledgements References Cited Figures (big thumbnails) (medium) (small) Cahokia influence in the northern reaches of the upper Mississippi Valley is recognized among a handful of sites in the Red Wing Locality that have Middle Mississippian-inspired traits.

The Diamond Bluff Site Complex and Cahokia Influence in the Red Wing Locality by Roland L.


The Diamond Bluff site complex is comprised of at least two large village areas and a large mound group that includes a variety of mound types characteristic of Late Woodland mound building traditions in the Upper Midwest.What has made Diamond Bluff interesting (as well as confusing) is that not only have Late Woodland and Oneota artifacts been recovered from both mound and village contexts, but mixed with them are Middle Mississippian-inspired artifacts.


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