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Ebenezer Buckingham Inn in Zanesville: You will love visiting this beautiful 5,222 sq. brick home (circa 1820), featuring stained glass windows, ornate fireplaces, lots of original woodwork and a nineteenth-century chandelier made to use both gas and electric.

Steeped in history the former occupants of this house had ties to Presidents Monroe and Lincoln, General Rufus Putnam, and Harriet Beecher-Stowe, just to mention a few.

Farm buildings incorporate time-honored building techniques such as thermal mass (using the earth to help heat the house), passive solar (the sun’s rays), and adobe construction (using mud and straw) to create a comfortable and attractive place to live.

In addition, visitors can take a tour of the buildings, sign up for a workshop, walk with the llamas (trekking) or enjoy high tea in a peaceful setting.

CP Buckingham was the officer President Lincoln choose to deliver the orders to General Mc Cellan relieving him of his command after the battle of Antitiem. They also offer space for meetings, reunions and small weddings.

The house is one of only three houses designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe still standing in the country. Situated on the 300 remaining acres of the original home place are five outbuildings and formal gardens. Visitors may stroll through three terraces of flowers and vegetables, as well as the shrubs and trees in the grove.

Latrobe is considered the first professional American architect and served as architect of the U. Looking east from the north lawn of the mansion, one can see across the Scioto River Valley to the Logan Range.


This view was the inspiration for the Great Seal of the State of Ohio.

Blue Rock Station in Philo, Ohio: This 38-acre sustainability project is home to Ohio’s first “Earthship”, a unique 2200 sq. “living” home, built from used auto tires, cans, bottles, and strawbales.

Adena Mansion & Gardens was the 2000-acre estate of Thomas Worthington (1773-1827), sixth governor of Ohio and one of the state’s first United States Senators.

The mansion house, completed in 1806-1807, has been restored to look much as it did when the Worthington family lived there, including many original Worthington family furnishings.


Tour themes include sustainable agriculture practices, cooking with the sun, and alternative building techniques. Blue Rock Station is located just 20 minutes south of I-70 Zanesville.The Century Village Museum: An engaging museum depicting a Western Reserve Village with over twenty-two historically authentic buildings that house over 20,000 museum artifacts.


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