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MEALSACCOMMODATIONS AND FACILITIESLIFE ONBOARDSAFETYCOSTSBOOKINGTRAVEL DOCUMENTSINSURANCE What time is embarkation / disembarkation?Most cruises start with welcome cocktails around hrs; hence we recommend to check-in from hrs onwards.Since our meals are prepared on a daily basis from fresh ingredients, we serve a fixed menu of local specialties. Drinks served at the bar are included in the full price of some cruises as well.Both lunch and dinner meals are paired with excellent complimentary wines. If your cruise does not include an open bar, you may purchase a €30 drink card to cover any of these beverages you may wish to buy while on board; any money remaining is reimbursed at the end of the cruise.Again, your agent can advise and inform our ships at the time of booking. If we are providing your airport transfer on disembarkation day, we will make sure your transfer is at the appropriate time for your flight or onwards transportation. Depending on the excursions planned, some meals may exceptionally not be provided on board.If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the cruise programme.However, please double check with your agent at the time of booking, in case your particular cruise departs earlier.In many cases you could leave your luggage on-board our ships, should your flight or train arrive earlier in the day. In fact, you’ll experience some of the best French and European cuisine at our tables.

Our enclosed public spaces such as the dining room are air conditioned or heated as the weather requires. Our cabins offer two twin beds or one double bed, depending upon the ship you sail on and the cabin you reserve.Champagne, premium brand vintage wines and spirits are listed on our special wine list are available at additional charge on all our cruises. You’ll be able to converse and socialize with new friends, but you’ll never feel crowded together, and we make it a point to pair up passengers who are able to communicate in the same languages.Please check your cruise program and details to see which applies to you. We also reserve a portion of the dining room for larger groups traveling together, so that all people in the party may eat together if they so choose. We would be delighted to make your celebrations onboard with us extra special.You can find the cabin descriptions, including bed types, under each ship listed on our website.

Breakfast is a self-serve buffet in the onboard restaurant, which may include pastries, coffee, tea, juice, breads, jams and jellies, a variety of sausages and cold cuts, eggs, fresh fruit, and yogurt.

Lunch and dinner will be 3-course sit down meals prepared by our chefs, and served at set times (which may vary by cruise) and in single seating for all passengers.


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