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A stately, graceful rhythm uncoiled, with Garth’s organ rippling through, bursting out to fill spaces and then falling away into the shadows of the track when the vocals came in.The chorus welled up and I realized the song was about the old blues singer Bessie Smith.But the guys in The Hawks…eighteen months before they moved to Woodstock they’d been playing the same kind of shitholes around Toronto that me and my friends had played in, cranking out “High Heel Sneakers” and “Walkin’ the Dog” for drunken assholes on a Saturday night.I’d heard bits and pieces of the music they’d been making with Dylan down in their basement all that summer.It sounded to me like nothing on earth and, at the same time, like it’d been recorded a hundred years ago and dug up out of the ground.The mix was kind of muddy and rough and the vocals a little swamped, but you could catch the odd chunk of lyric and when I heard Rick sing I shut my eyes and felt my skin scrunching and puckering up in all the places it did when music was this good. “You are fuckin’ kidding me,” I whispered, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She was already rewinding the tape, getting ready to play it again.So, that winter, when we finally started to hear some of their own songs, it was kind of a shock. ”“It’s not cool, Greg.”I saw now he was looking right at me. It’s when you’re pulling off a shoe, changing channels and lighting a cigarette, or reaching for a can of spaghetti in the kitchen cupboard. I’ve posted a couple of these already, but what the heck – here’s another extract. ******** It took us about an hour to drive the fifteen minutes back to Woodstock – the road, night, and cars like a movie being shown on the windshield – and by the time we got to her place I was just beaming, totally content.

Select from one of these outstanding straight or gay adult chat sites for some real fun.There’s a mini-review of John Niven’s book in the UK’s Observer Music Monthly: Billed as ‘faction’, this fine novella tells the story of the making of the Band’s classic album Music from Big Pink through the eyes of an invented character, aspirant musician Greg Keltner. Skye poured brandies and laid me down on the couch.


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