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It is probably in the manual, but who reads them (even when they are available on the TV itself). I tell you what..I was as comfortable with loading firmware in a TV as I was with a MB or Router, I'd be tempted to load the KDL40X4000 software... Jeez your more game then i am this could change a lot more then epg, it could render your DVB tuner useless or a number of things, I have the KDL46W4500 with full epg although i don't use it I use the one on Play TV.Well, I'm having another go at Sony cause in their latest web site "Feature Comparison", they list the KDL40X3100 as having "TV Guide On Screen=YES". My advice try someone else's TV first (preferably someone you don't like) For all those wondering if you can use foreign firmware I tried using firmware from the Sony UK site (on my KDL40Z5500) and....Please let me (site with updates) well i am not sure how and what this is y i posted it australia disable epg on all sony bravias because of some legal media c***...anyway it is just the software that is preventing it on the tv..i was wondering has anyone out there managed to update their tv with new software?hey iroquois I was trying to create a post there @ dtvforum about this problem but was not able to insert new topic not sure..though i am a member there too...i did read somewhere on that forum about sony's restriction in firmware for epg in oz...however since they offer firmware on the website I wonder what really prevents you running an american firmware that has no restrictions on epg...a thought...i also think that firmware is not hard to install however i am scared doing it...No, it won't let you update it, says 'no applicable update data exists'...or something of the sort, can't remember the exact wording.Got a guy coming around to update it later this week. Support guy also said there was pretty much no way in the near future that any of us normies will get a hold of the firmware, or any firmware that will work. Well for everyone but me, 'cause I get new firmware.I rang Sony again today to ask what with "Freeview" coming out, will there be a firmware upgrade available for my KDL40X3100 (9 months old) to support it. ) I have a bravia 2years old, ever since new has lost sound requiring turn off turn on again, reported to Harvey Ns and told dont worry its local Bundaberg shithouse tv signal anyhow yourcovered by extended warranty.

There only seems to be one way to get your firmware updated, and that's if there's a legitimate problem with it and you can convince Sony Support to send someone out to update it.I know this because the Zs, maybe just the 5500s, have massive input lag (tested it at 81ms in 'general', or 60ms in 'game' mode, was 6ms on my old KDL32V4000) if you get firmware before 1.5xx, and over the course of 6 hours I was finally able to convince them it was a firmware issue.


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    I will be including some of that information at a later date.

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