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If it does get too bad, you can always go to sick call and they can give you some medication but my cramps were not anywhere how they normally [email protected] just remember that their job is to yell at you.

These reviews/advice columns I'm finding are slim to none and it helps so much to have a first hand account of how things are. This is a new world for me and the more I read about the women that has survivied BMT before me the more excited I am.

My husband is in the National Guard, and recently we have been talking about me joining the Air Force as a 4NOX1. I'm still on the fence about cutting my hair but, you gave some great information, thanks again. I just kept thinking that I would rather have sleep than to get yelled at for my hair.

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Your hair has to be perfect and sometimes you don't have time to fix it. I laughed the whole way through this because Navy bootcamp is very similar, although my Air Force friends talked of a slightly more relaxed boot camp than you did but even Navy bootcamp has changed since I went through. I was not planning on cutting my hair but I think I will just to get the extra sleep.

And yes, I tearfully cut my hair prior to bootcamp and was glad I did, those that didn't got it cut for them and it was a very quick chop job (we were required to get it cut). I will be sure to revisit this article before I leave for TX. I am one to have horrible cramps but you are constantly on the move and your period will be all out of whack when you go there.



Girls can be vicious and you don't want to get on the wrong side of one.I had someone untie and re-lace my shoes incorrectly so that I got into trouble. I want to THANK YOU so much for writing about Air Force BMT from a woman's point of view.


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