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Such feedback is very important for us, as we are trying to make our customer service more responsive.You are welcome to explain the issues you mentioned in greater detail at [email protected] have complained to them via emails pinting outing that they themselves have broken the agreement as they have not folowed their own terms and conditions. You can delete your profile easy but they do tell you that this does not cancel your subscription.


They have ignored all of my e-mails, the cancelation process on the site does not work as they do not provide a cancellation code when you request it.

Some people i have noticed on other forums are getting threating e-mails for failure to pay as they have cancelled cards etc. What`s more better to find a partner in the real life. Great for the messages pour in as soon as you join.

I have now complained to Watchdog at the BBC, please could more of us to this if only to stop this company in its tracks, and to stop others being taken for this kind of money, i have currently lost £119.94 with another billin to come in six months!! I had money taken out of my account and now they're trying to take out another 6 months payment and threatenting me with debt collection action if I don't supply them with the bank details I removed, to stop them removing more money. i had 2 same stories with man be careful and not to send money to anybody... Of course you cannot access anything until you sign up ..that's where the problem is.

they are refusing to give me refund so i have took it upon myself to contact watchdog, i have read so many complaints dating back as early as 2005, they are making a fortune from people and far from make themselves clear upon signing up!!! Always check the formums and see what they are saying and you will find they are all focused on really weird depraved stuff. THE TRUTH IS YOU WILL NOT MEET THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE ONA DATING SITE!!!

We will do our best to find out what happened and resolve the issue. They overcharge credit cards (look carefully how much you are charged and what the current price tag is! They took £119 from my account when i only signed for one month. I am going to get intouch with TRADING STANDARDS and see what they can do.They hide current prices from you while you are subscribed, so you can miss this) And yes, they actually do not stop billing after cancellation. £119 was taken with no warning despite not being able to log onto their website for the month i was with them. The way i look at it, I have cancelled yet they wont refund the 6 months payment in advance. If everyone does the same perhaps we can try and get our money back and stop this happening to others.


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