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The dollar is set to fall 5 percent in the next few months, the Federal Reserve isn’t raising interest rates anytime soon and U. It didn’t take long for markets to prove him prescient.

That’s what Morgan Stanley chief global currency strategist Hans Redeker told clients in a note published Thursday, citing in-house indicators showing U. domestic demand is set to fade in the coming months.


They are buying billions of dollars' worth of gold.(This is one of many reasons that it makes a lot of sense to have gold in your portfolio.That’s the assessment of analysts from UBS and Credit Suisse, who see gold entering a new bull run.According to UBS analyst Joni Teves, gold could climb to ,400 an ounce in the short term on macroeconomic uncertainty, dovish monetary policy and lower yields.

We explain the why and the how in a free 22-page special report you can download here.) For example, hedge fund legend Stanley Druckenmiller has earned an average of 30% a year for 30 years, without a single negative year.And currently, 18% of Druckenmiller's portfolio is made up of the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) , an exchange-traded fund that tracks the price of gold bullion.


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