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Villains, where she was placed on the Villains tribe.Because of her clever and manipulative reputation, Parvati was targeted by the other players from the beginning, and she found herself in a minority alliance.

Parvati made it all the way to the end, where she ultimately lost the jury vote to Sandra Diaz-Twine 6-3-0.

She returned three seasons later to play as a Favorite in Survivor: Micronesia, Fans vs. She quickly formed a close four person “Couple’s Alliance” with James Clement, Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth.

Knowing that James and Ozzy would be difficult to beat at the end, Parvati pulled in Cirie Fields as their fifth alliance member and utilized a tribe swap to her benefit to recruit some more female fans to her side.

The Caucasian players were placed together on the Rarotonga tribe.


Parvati Shallow is a three time Survivor player who, despite a 6th place finish on her first season, is considered by many (including Jeff Probst) as one of the greatest players of all time.

Parvati first appeared on season 13, Survivor: Cook Islands, a season where the tribes were divided according to ethnic race.


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