Amber portwood dating child molester plesk awstats not updating

." The "Chris" featured on the hit MTV show has had a brush with the law however.

VIDEO: Teen Mom's Catelynn gets in spat over adoption with mom On a recent episode, she asked "Chris" what he did before they met.

He revealed that he had served time -- but never explained why.

Meanwhile, both investigations have been placed on hold while officials wait for Amber and boyfriend Gary Shirley to return from their current vacation in Florida: “They are not due to return until mid-month, [then we’ll have] another week to conduct formal interviews and move forward with the case,” Detective Carrol reveals.

As for how the investigation will play out, Detective Carroll says it’s impossible to predict what will happen.

hit its peak with a fight between psychotic Amber Portwood and baby-daddy-of-the-year Gary Shirley.


I’m glad he finally stood his ground and set Amber straight!star anxiously introduced her new boyfriend Matt Baier to the MTV camera crew in this new sneak peek from the Monday, April 27 episode. I didn't want to put him on camera on our f--king first date." The mother of little Leah then revealed that her new beau, Matt Baier, has already met her ex Gary Shirley and has moved in to her home.PHOTOS: Teen Mom stars, then and now "He's a DJ," Amber explained to her producer. She then brings him out for the cameras to see, and they reveal that they met on Twitter. When I got off the plane — I'm from Boston — it didn't feel like home anymore." PHOTOS: Celebrity mugshots Amber then admitted that Matt is also a former addict and that he is much older than her.PHOTOS: Stars who have been to rehab "I said I found it odd that Amber Portwood only had 65,000 followers yet Jenelle Evans had a million," Matt said of the troubled star. Watch the clip to find out their shocking age difference!

The investigator and prosecutor could decide there isn’t probable cause to charge Amber with abuse. “I have no idea what [Gary and Amber’s] statements are going to be [once they return from Florida],” he says.


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