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I’m thinking about studying abroad there.” “Well, no, but it’s just a city, I’m sure like any other major city in India. If that’s where you have to study, you don’t really have a choice.” “I want to meet my family in Patna—” “You don’t really have any family in Patna, I’ve already told you this.

Tuberculosis is one of the diseases that has been spreading fast in our country owing to many reasons; poor hygiene, lack of education, poverty and a bad habit like smoking.

Shyam Sunder Raj has rendered great service in educating general public about lung care and long life.


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    The courting couple also would have spent a lot of time getting to know one another's family.

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    She officially took over as Clinton’s aide and personal advisor during Clinton's successful 2000 U. Senate campaign in New York Writing in Vogue during the 2007 campaign, Rebecca Johnson called her "Hillary's secret weapon" and noted that what seemed to motivate Abedin were not the details of policy or political horse-racing, but rather "the way that politicians are uniquely invested with the power to help individuals—as with, say, the woman whose legs were badly broken by a piece of plane fuselage on September 11", whom Abedin and Clinton visited in the hospital.

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