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Season 14's ' American Idol' top 24 have been announced, and along with the expected ringers, there are quite a few surprise omissions: Cody Fry, Emily Brooke, and Jaq Mackenzie to name but three. Not only did "Bubbly" eventually become a massive international hit for her, without ' Idol's' help, but it's since been covered by various other ' Idol' hopefuls, like Casey James, Katie Stevens, and Katelyn Epperly.I'm sure they're feeling pretty rejected, and dejected, right now, as they watch their peers move on to the live ' Idol' stage while they pack their bags and Greyhound-bus it back to the small towns from whence they came. They should realize that quite a few talented singers were turned away by ' Idol' producers, but went on to bigger and better things. Hillary Scott Lady Antebellum's famous frontwoman auditioned not once but twice for ' Idol,' and never even made it past the preliminary rounds. I literally performed for the production assistants and the interns, and I just didn't make it," she later told Entertainment Tonight. Hillary simply formed Lady Antebellum instead, and went on to win five Grammys in 2011 alone, including Record and Song of the Year. Colbie Caillat This plucky songstress also auditioned unsuccessfully for ' Idol' twice, and on her second try she even warbled her own original ditty, "Bubbly." ("I was shy. Apparently Colbie wasn't too bitter to grant the show rights.They are now signed to Simon Cowell's Syco label and touring with Andy Grammer.Mickey Guyton Mickey Guyton is the bright new hope of Nashville, a breakout country star for 2015.The rising singer-songwriter has since built up a passionate following via her You Tube channel (her cover of Frank Ocean's "Thinkin' ' Bout You" has racked up more than 22 million views); she's now managed by Scooter Braun and signed to Capitol Records; and she has opened for Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Alex & Sierra Alex Kinsey and his girlfriend Sierra Deaton auditioned, separately, for ' American Idol' Season 12; Alex made it to Hollywood Week before getting cut, while Sierra didn't even make it past the producers.


Naya Rivera Amber's fellow Gleek once auditioned for the show in San Francisco, but she was cut in the first round.In an interesting twist of fate, the same song she sang at her ' Idol' audition, "Emotion" by the Bee Gees, later landed her a role on ' Glee.' Tori Kelly Looking back on ' Idol's' lackluster Season 9, it's hard to believe someone as talented as Tori was cut that year before the top 24 round.


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