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Michael Hart, 28, also shared downloaded images of children as young as eight being seriously sexually assaulted.At Liverpool Crown Court it was revealed the supply teacher also taught at summer holiday camps for youngsters in the US.The paedophile told police he started "out of curiosity" but he later started to use Skype to exchange images with other pervs.Mr Hopkins, prosecuting, said: "He admitted using chat rooms to incite young boys as he put it 'to undress and perform sexual acts." Hart confessed to doing this "frequently" between January 2014 and March 2015, sometimes two or three times a week. The child would have their webcam on."He would switch his off so the child would not have known it was in fact an adult with whom they were engaging with." Hart admitted approaching some 100 children and making around 50 perform sex acts.


He also admitted six counts of inciting children to engage in sexual activity, plus three counts of downloading, one of possessing and one of distributing indecent images.Ken Heckle, defending, said Hart cooperated with police, adding: "It's a full and frank admission, heartfelt and remorseful." Hart, of Utting Avenue East in Norris Green, was told to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life and handed him a life-long Sexual Harm Prevention Order.


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