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So imagine my surprise when I flipped opened a Sister 2 Sister magazine (September issue) and finally read a Lamman Rucker interview where he shared some of the most intimate details about his life. After reading his interview, I swear I found a new respect for this man. I was in school at the time, just hunting the streets, and I almost found myself in the life that he was in.

There's no reason why to this day he wouldn't be playing on Sundays.

Born on 6 Lamman Rucker has dated Jill Scott in 2008 but after that there is no mention of being in the dating pool as of now in 2016.

Rucker says that he is monogamous so there is no question of him cheating or having an affair.

I had to realize "Why would you do that when that's exactly where we lost him? It just didn't make any sense to put my family through that.



He is searching for a perfect soulmate, but not a guy. #NY & LA Fam, PLEASE support this powerful documentary film "Black Women in Medicine" produced/directed by Crystal Emery.We need to continue amplify these positive images of black women rising above inequality to become leaders in their field!


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