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“What Disney film did you step out of,” Jesse mutters to himself. (There’s a downloadable version floating in there somewhere if you want to commit…and why wouldn’t you? Andrew meets dorky Jesse in the library, and is instantly smitten. It’s so funny I can’t even begin to describe, so sweet I literally have to bury my face in my hands and squee at some points, and the cameos are super fun. It’s not like it ends on a cliffhanger or anything. I know the kinkmeme can be pretty confusing at first.

They fall in love, etc, only Jesse can’t go away with him because he has a responsibility to his family. High school fic, with deaf Andrew and Jesse, who tries to get Andrew’s attention, but thinks he’s ignoring him when he talks to him.

Cue Emma cluing him in on the fact that Andrew can’t hear him, so Jesse learns a few signs, and asks him out on date.


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