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"He is certainly almost a perfect romantic character in that he's smart, he's courageous, he's definitely a loyalist for his country and family, and he takes his position very seriously.

But romantically, he is extremely standoffish with her." Naturally, Sebastian is a better fit.

"Sebastian is the one who really understands her and gets her isolation and loneliness.

They have a connection on an instinctive level," Kane says.

[But] the world isn't like that." From the start of the series, Mary's struggle between her romantic destiny and her true desires will be largely explored.


stars Adelaide Kane as a teenage Mary Queen of Scots.

The show begins as she has just left the convent where she's been hiding to return to the French court where she'll prepare to marry Prince Francis of France (Toby Regbo).

The high-stakes pressure, the romance, the conflict and the back-stabbing are all things Mary is nowhere near prepared for when she arrives. "She comes into this alien and treacherous court life in France rather wide-eyed with a very strong set of ideals and morals.

The world is very black and white when she comes in, and she expects everyone to keep their word and stand by what they say.

"He's the sexy bad boy who will flirt and seduce women because he can.[He] can also get away with a lot more, including supporting Mary and helping her out as friend without having any political shadowing attached to it.


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