Antonio cromartie dating


to go after Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie on Twitter (Cro’s feud with Richard Sherman, maybe?), but here’s how their squabble started out today: If you’ll recall, this was a reference to the time Winslow got arrested for allegedly masturbating in his Escalade in a Target parking lot.This is a storybook fairytale for Antonio and I," Terricka told Us Weekly. The cornerback had 26 tackles and 12 passes defended last season for the New York Jets, but failed to make an interception for the first time since his 2006 rookie campaign.



The free agent cornerback welcomed a set of twins on Mother's Day, his No. I have a beautiful family, my mom graduated college. "And to everyone out there my kids aren't numbers so please stop referring to them as that. "It was the most amazing, yet rewarding, gift to give birth on Mother's Day.Cromartie has twelve children, with multiple different women, and currently has no job.A representative of Cromartie’s told TMZ Sports, “His mother has been paying the mortgage on the house since 2011.That’s the deal they have in place.” The rep continued, “It wasn’t until June that she refused to make any payments.” The report notes that Cromartie bought the house back in 2007, paying for everything until this past winter when he asked his mother to pay the 0 per month for the mortgage.

The two sides were at odds until the eviction notice was issued.

His mother and family have until August 15th to pay back what’s owed or they must leave the residence.


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