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This is a great solution for controlling computer remotely. Keith Cleversley, IT-specialist at "Western Union" I've tried different remote computer access software, including symantec/citrix as well as a couple of little-known tools, and none even come close to Anyplace Control...honestly, truly.




I expect to have to fight with settings, to scour the manual for computer tips, or contact tech support.I was able to access remote pc in minutes, and it has been working flawlessly.


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    Ready jobs should appear with "Ready" status now correctly. Added Reprocessing Implant option to Reprocessing Calc. where it would read the user inputed "Facility Base Yield %" although that is always static 50% for item reprocessing. Teams are pulled to the calculator by the item group ID you are building and the solar System ID you have set in settings (Manufacturing System). Because of the cache times, the calculations will always be a little bit off.

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