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So if you think there is a conspiracy hiding Nibiru - then all of those institutions would have to be in on it.

But not only that, also all amateur astronomers world wide with telescopes of ten inches or more. Pan-STARRS is doing a great job of finding asteroids. So not even a ten kilometer asteroid could be hiding there, never mind a planet.

So I thought I'd do a short debunking article, to reassure anyone who is concerned about Nibiru.

And then talk a little about the very real asteroid threats that we should be concerned about, and the amazing progress that astronomers have made already detecting them, and what they could do with enough funding.

If they were as close as Pluto, or even, several times the distance to Pluto, we'd be able to spot them easily in a ten inch telescope, never mind any of the really large scopes.

Asteroids are detected nowadays by medium sized professional telescopes, with by far the most capable currently, Pan-STARRS. It takes two 1.4 gigapixel images every minute, all night, every night, looking for asteroids.

Apparently, the planet due to collide with us is often visible, you may have seen it already.

Also, we've found 90% of the one kilometer asteroids, and Pan-STARRS finds a new one kilometer asteroid, on average, every month.

It is optimized for this hunt, with a high sensitivity very wide field, and with a Schmidt Cassegrain construction which means that the images are crisp and clear, without any distortion, right to the edges of its wide field of view. It is true that it is under the auspices of the Hawaii university, which is in Hawaii, which became the fiftieth state of the USA in 1959.

But it is managed by the PS1 Science Consortium consisting of ten institutions from four countries.

Amateur astronomers can spot Pluto, with a ten inch telescope. There may be undiscovered large planets in our solar system, maybe as large as Mars, even Earth.But they would have to be many times the distance to Pluto away, in the very distant Oort cloud -where it's thought there's a vast population of icy bodies of many sizes stretching much of the way to the nearest stars.



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