Approaching women online dating

If you do not have the personality to put yourself out there, then you can easily hide behind the screen of a computer and search for love.I am sure that I am one of many women, who looks at her parents' long, rocky, but happy marriage, praying for the same thing.


It seems as if no one today is willing to stay and fight for the people they claim to love, as if the love evaporates at the first sign of trouble, could it be that we have forgotten what true love is? My father was a Christian camp minister, and my mother was a young girl in search of a stronger spiritual foundation.

He just happened to be her minister for the summer, and from there, nothing was clear.

The handsome minister, finally took the first step, he professed his love for her, through a letter, while he was thousands of miles away in France, on ministry duty.

My young mother was shocked, but she knew in that moment that she had found the man she would spend the rest of her life with.


He was away for months, but they worked to build a foundation that has allowed them to navigate through the challenges of marriage like troopers.Most of us today, do not understand the work that goes into relationships, or maybe we do, and we simply just don't give a rat's behind.


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