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Just take a look at this supposedly professional woman having an embarrassing emotional meltdown on a news show because she didn’t agree with what I said, resorting to blatant distortion and lies about “rape culture” and other such nonsense that was unrelated to the piece she was critiquing: Elevating women as the superior sex, which is what both feminists and Rodger have done, means that discrimination and outright hatred must be then applied to the “inferior” sex—men.

Frankly, I’d expect that sort of thing for women—we’re ALL ABOUT the illusion…makeup, fake nails, colored hair, highlights, spray tans, push-up bras, shapewear (remember when that shit was called a girdle? Honestly, I *might* consider wearing padded underwear for some special occasion where my butt might be scrutinized.

Since originally publishing an article describing how a male-friendly culture encouraging Elliot into self-improvement (game), legal prostitution, and foreign marriage with Southeast Asian women would have prevented his murderous rampage, I did something that most people won’t bother to do: I read his manifesto.


The fantastical mainstream media articles you have come across trying to pin Rodger upon us is nothing more than a defensive measure to distance themselves from a killer that was a card-carrying member of their own progressive club.

Here are ten ways in which Rodger and feminists have an overlapping view of the world: Feminist theory speaks a whole lot about equality, but it’s actually an ideology that seeks to absolve all women from their amusing but sometimes dangerous stream of mistakes.

Not even halfway through, I began to understand exactly why the media has been pushing the narrative that PUA (game) may have been the cause: Rodger was one of their own. If you take the time to read it, you will likely come to the same conclusion I have that Elliot Rodger is in fact a feminist.

In other words, the killings of six individuals stem in part because of his mainstream feminist beliefs that, after intersecting with his dark traits of narcissism, entitlement, loserdom, and hopelessness, led him to kill.

And how about when it’s time to strip down and your partner realizes your big booty was comprised of little more than foam? Would any of you, male or female, wear underwear with butt pads? ), Botox and yes, Booty Pop underwear so we can all look like Kim Kardashian. But why would any man don underwear with butt (or crotch) pads? I know popular culture has elevated the female gravity-defying ass to new heights, right up there with oddly round gravity-defying breasts and a -5% BMI but I had no idea men were concerned that their gluteus maximus might only be a gluteus minimus. Of course I can think of NO such occasion off the top of my head but I reserve the right… no effing way because in addition to feeling ridiculous, it’s WAY too hot here and an assrash would be guaranteed.


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