Are any of the one tree hill cast dating

The image was shared on Instagram with Sophia's 1.8 followers.

She captioned it: "peanuts (and one sleeping beauty) #longday #greatday #fam #likeitwasyesterday #pickuprightwhereweleaveoff #hitmewithyourbestshot #purplereign." Fan were quick to show their approval as more than 225,000 users flocked to like it.

'It devastates me now that I have been reduced to a Hollywood statistic–another joke marriage,' Sophia has said about that chapter in her life. because I knew what I was getting into and will always believe in love.'In 2008 Chad indicated that Sophia had moved on with co-star James Lafferty, 28, saying 'Sophia and I are both professional and mature enough to get through it ...

It's finally happened - the cast of One Tree Hill have reunited.

after the 6th season wrapped and claimed when speaking with fans it was really because the show producers wanted to save money, yet show creator Mark Schwann said they offered him plenty to make him stay.

She's confirmed that she is working on a new studio album, but no release date has been issued.She's touring Europe later in 2015 and if you keep an eye out on her website, you can see when she'll be in your area.Sophia Bush, who played Brooke Davis on the teen drama, managed to gather a number of her former co-stars together for a picture over the weekend.While some key actors were missing - such as Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty - there were plenty more familiar faces in the snap to take fans on a walk down memory lane.


Bevin looks fabulous now (not unexpected at all) and is a fitness instructor.

If you're into spin classes and live in the NYC area, you can take a Soul Cycle class with Bevin! She's easily one of the most fashionable people we follow on Instragram and if you're interested in living vicariously through someone, she's the person to do it with..


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