Are jax and stassi still dating


In the teaser trailer, we see the former flames -- who split after Jax cheated with Schroeder’s co-star, Kristen Doute -- having a seemingly awkward conversation.Schroeder played coy to ET about the meet-up, confirming that while they’re not conspiring, it’s also “not what you think.” One relationship we won’t be seeing on TV? Based on his Sirius host bio, he’s a “sports junkie who has no other hobbies” – although it’s mentioned that he talks pop culture and gambling on the show as well.Unlike Stassi, Patrick’s social media gives a very sparse view into his personal life.His Twitter account, @The Wrap, consists almost exclusively of sports-related posts; and, while mentions of Stassi are noticeably absent, Patrick did tweet a photo of her dog in December…along with what seems to be an unrelated caption: fans will get to watch the rekindling play out on screen – T. Aside from the occasional social media photo, the couple seems to prefer to keep the details of their romance private, including their current living situation.



You'll see them on the show.” This season, we’ll see a lot unfold, including Schroeder’s tumultuous relationship with her former boss, Lisa Vanderpump.

There are actually some reasons I want to come back.


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