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A larger number of native flowers may benefit from having a small amount of sugar added to the vase solution (where uptake is continuous), rather than being treated by pulse application.Feeding sugars to cut flowers can supplement the food reserves of the flower; this is a common practice with traditional flower crops.Sugar solutions are not always beneficial for native flowers, and must be used with care.Only the best quality flowers and foliage should be picked for market.Cut flowers and foliage begin to deteriorate as the reserves of moisture and food present at harvest start to run out.Uptake of the pulsing solution depends on temperature.Pulsing is commonly carried out in the coolroom, but if you need to give a quick pulse treatment, do it at room temperature (25°C to 30°C).Correct handling will ensure the longest possible vase life: In a living plant, starch and sugars (carbohydrates) are stored in stems, leaves, and flowers.


Maximum vase life is essential to assure buyer and consumer confidence in fresh flowers.The factors discussed here all contribute to the postharvest life of flowers and need the attention of growers and marketers.


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