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It's hard for Amy Tan to imagine where her life would be had she not fallen in love with scrapbooking in 2007.Ventura Food Tours currently offers half-day food tasting tours in downtown Ventura and downtown Ojai.

As a So Cal native she has become a dedicated member of our vibrant local food economy.The Hollywood Farmers' Market is one of California's largest Certified Farmers' Markets and in addition to the 100+ farmers who travel to sell their produce there it is also home to a lively prepared food and local art scene.When the market began as a revitalization effort for the area in 1991, it quickly proved itself as an incubator for small businesses who couldn't afford the general overhead associated with a traditional model.Today the market continues to provide this service for local farmers, food vendors and artisans who set up weekly in the streets and sell their goods direct to consumers.

She started blogging in 2009 about DIY, style and design at which led to the idea + audience that turned Whimseybox from a dream to a venture-backed startup that has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Houston Chronicle, on television and online. Allison Costa is a food writer and owner of Ventura Food Tours.

Her work has been published in a variety of Ventura county publications including Edible Ojai and Ventura County Magazine, Ventana Monthly, and the VC Reporter.


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    I like a good conversation with an interesting personality.

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