Are successful men intimidating to women Online dating flirting

This Monica-Hillary formula alludes to society’s placement of the label “emotionally unavailable” on single and successful women.

If smart women do, in fact, intimidate men, it’s safe to say it’s not women’s fault, but the fault of time.

Women, just like men, are products of their environment.

Still, this relatively new, not-needing-a-man reality has proven to be bittersweet: It has propelled the women’s movement forward, but has taken women backward when it comes to romantic relationships.

Joshua Pompey, an expert on dating, has incredible insight on this topic.

Another possible explanation for why successful women scare off men is the old and reliable, “He left her for a bimbo.” First and foremost, some men consider women as sexual objects because men are initially driven by the visual.

In this Huff Post piece, Pompey speaks for successful and highly-driven women: They pursue the perfect man in the same manner that they have spent their entire lives pursuing the perfect job and education. Not enough ‘regular guys’ are given opportunities because women have so many options these days. This creates a cultural resentment towards women who are only interested in, say, the top ten percent of the dating population.

And because women ‘don’t need’ men, they can afford to search endlessly for a man that may or may not exist.

One of the most interesting pieces of advice my mother ever gave me was, “Don’t come off too strong when in the presence of a guy you like.”History has shown it isn’t just my mom who thinks this way; pop culture tells women to bat their eyelashes and wear passive lip gloss instead of bold lipstick to attract a man. Johnny Depp left triple threat Vanessa Paradis for a 20-something up-and-comer.

Bill Clinton cheated on the highly successful Hillary with the less-established Monica. These instances have left me wondering, do independent women intimidate men? In order to correctly examine this claim, it’s crucial to define what exactly deems a woman as “independent.”Several modern feminists refer to themselves as “independent” if they feel they don’t really need men — they just want them.


It just so happens our contemporary environment is the result of a feminist revolution that’s taken place in both the workplace and the social scene.In other words, we’ve gradually been conditioned to not need men.


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