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Dear April Masini," I am so sick of all of the games guys play with women when it comes to dating and relationships.Would you please give me some tips on how to deal with games, and tell me what all the games mean?Sincerely, Sick of Men Playing Games " Dear Sick Of Men Playing Games: First, pick up my book Think & Date Like A Man -- it talks about getting into "man-think" and accessing (not just ) all the games guys play -- and using them for your own benefit -- but also their behavior leading up to (what looks like) the games they're playing.Understanding Man-Think The truth is, it's usually not men who play games, it's women!Second: A man who is not ready to get married behaves like a guy you are dating—meaning one of the guys you are dating.



Signs To Read & Rules To Remember First: If a man wants to be married, he'll act like it. It is the woman's responsibility to not waste her time.If a man wants to play around -- and you'll know not because he says it, but because he does it -- stay or go. That's a game you create – and you won't win.


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