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Quarterback Alex Smith has shown time and time again that he’s just not capable of being a starter in this league.Frank Gore is their sole provider on offense in both the passing and running game. I think the 49ers will have a 2011 season that’s very similar to their 2010 season.Arizona Cardinals The addition of Kevin Kolb should be enough to catapult the Cardinals to the top of a weak NFC West.Veteran tight-end Todd Heap will also provide Kolb with a nice security blanket over the middle.I don’t think the Seahawks will be lucky again this season as I predict they’ll be one of the NFL’s worst teams.

One of the main keys to the Cardinals success is the maturation of running back Beanie Wells, who will be getting the majority of the carries now that Tim Hightower is gone.Overall, the Cardinals made some nice roster upgrades and will be fighting for the top spot on the NFC West. Louis Rams Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson headline a rising young Rams team looking to take a stranglehold on the weak NFC West.


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