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With problems ranging from gambling, drug abuse, street racing , sexual orientation, and the death of one the most beloved students. She is crazy about Degrassi and loves watching them over and over. Sean and Peter continuously butt heads with each other over Emma, which leads them to an illegal street race that ends badly. Manny, determined to make herself feel better after her break-up with Craig, decides to throw a birthday party for Liberty at Emma's place when her parents go out of town.

This so far has been there best season not to say 1-5 was not excellent but this season just went beyond anything they have done before. A couple days later I asked how she liked it and she said she had already finished the season! Would recommend and will be buying the other seasons for her later. Sean and Emma do end up getting back together, but Sean's image of Emma being perfect is shattered when he finds out a secret about her and Jay (think back to season 4). The party is soon out of control, and once some uninvited guests arrive, the party takes a tragic turn and we see the loss of one of Degrassi's beloved characters.

Darcy's bold online presence results in an unexpected and alarming visit offline.

Sex, drugs and rock & roll take a hard toll on weak hearts.

Sean Cameron returns, it deals with illegal street car racing, drug addictionmurder, posing on the internet and the internet stalker, panic attacks Jimmy having trouble with sex, Ellie gets a job at the newspaper core in college and starts dating her boss, Alex and her mom have trouble with paying rent for the apartment and Alex decides to strip for money, a teacher harasses Derek, Marco gets depressed with Dylan leaving and getsobsessed with gambling, Emma fears she is pregnant, Darcy and spinner break up and darcy hooks up with peter, Another school called Lakehurst start a fight with degrassi and the main student they have a problem with is J. New characters on the show is Mia Jones, Damian Hayes, Johnny Dimcaro and Jesse Stefanovic. Darcy finds herself being stalked by an online predator.

Ellie, Marco, Paige, and Dylan are in college, Toby has been droped to recuring status, Joey and angela jeremiah have left the show, Jimmy, Spinner and Ashley are stuck at degrassi. Paige, starting her first year at University, finally starts to crack under the pressure and has panic attacks.


I can say for fact that season 6 will not let any fan of this series down. moving on, especially since she still has feelings for him, and is still dealing with things from the previous year. Craig returns, and brings his drug problem along with him, which leads to the end of his relationship with Manny.

This new year brings back some old faces as in Shawn and it does not stop there. The stories are real and the actors are great for such young kids. Sean Cameron, Emma Nelson's first love, returns, shaking the foundation of her seemingly solid relationship with Peter Stone, who stuck with her during her eating disorder battle in season 5. Ellie Nash, who is in college and dating the editor of the newspaper, falls for Craig once again, and his hurt by Craig once again, due to his addiction.


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